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Lily Hager
With the coming of her fourth and final year of high school, Lily Hager eagerly awaits the senior perks that accompany all who suffer from “senioritis”–including off periods, senior overalls and dual credit. Her freshman, sophomore and junior years were occupied by marching band, newspaper, several AP classes and leadership positions (including being drum major of the band and editor in chief of The Red Ledger junior year). Hager thrives any day that involves journaling, bible studies, time spent with friends or family, and ice cream. Her time at home is largely spent in her room, which she so carefully designed for the past several years into a safe haven. She fills her (rare) free time by cleaning, writing, reading, planning or talking (whether that be to her parents, her friends or her pet bunny, Boots). Despite her burning excitement for college at A&M, she is committed to enjoying her last year as an editor, conducting her last show, and living her last year in her childhood home. Last, but not least, she is certain to take advantage of one last year of writing, editing, and loving TRL.

Lily Hager, Editor-In-Chief

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