Photo Gallery: Animals of the fair

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Animals are located across the fair both in and surrounding Cotton Bowl Stadium. From a petting zoo with goats and alpacas, to rows of caged chickens, the State Fair of Texas hosts a wide array of fuzzy friends. 

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  • The petting zoo arranged animals in a horseshoe shape for children and families to walk through and visit every animal.

  • The petting zoo included many animals including goats.

  • A goat looks at passerby.

  • Caged chickens were arranged on lines of tables from families and FFA organizations

  • Goats were a feature at the petting zoo with multiple goat enclosures.

  • Newborn calf Houston was born at 5:00 a.m. on the first Monday of the fair.

  • The mother of newborn calf Houston looks at her newborn as caretakers attempt to pick him up.

  • A birthing barn worker attempts to pick up Houston.

  • Houston stands up slowly less than eight hours after he was born.

  • A goat stands atop a tire in the goat enclosure.

  • Ashley is an Agriculture major and intern for the fair. She said that after the fair closes, the animals will go back to where they came from. Some will be sold to local food stores, and some will be bred.

  • If it weren't for the Maternity Pen, or Farrowing Crate, the mother may roll over onto the piglets, who are 2 lb when they are newborn, Ashley said.

  • The sow may stand or lie down. Water is provided in a dish by her head.

  • Water is provided in a dish by the sow's head.

  • Baby chicks attracted many kids who wandered into the children's farm area.

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