Half full


Lily Hager, Staff Reporter

The breeze flows freely from town to town making it’s way to my lungs. As it revives my body I can’t help but to smile. It’s a miracle. Evidence of life is everywhere. I can hear the chicks singing to their mamas, their safety. Their song rings in my ears, and I close my eyes to soak in the sun on my face.

I love that I can have a dad to protect me at home. He provides a shelter for me with a promise to defend.

I love having a mom to nurture me when I’m lost. Even her cold hands warm my heart.

I love being greeted by my siblings in the morning and petting an animal on my way to school. I know I am never alone.

I love that I am sent to a school that I find confidence in. I will be safe. I will be educated.

I love waving at my neighbor through windshields even if I don’t know their name.

I love sticking my hand out of the car window and letting it fly. It bounces to the beat of my favorite song.

I love listening to people’s stories and witnessing the change in their lives.

I love hugging my grandparents on an average sunday afternoon. Their sloppy kisses and life lessons.

I love praising my Father with the church. United we stand strong.

The inescapable pain in the world tries to mask the beauty. It stretches its arms to cover the light, but it can’t reach. Everyone has a little light–just enough to smile at it. The pain tries to mask the beauty …
… but the beauty masks the pain.