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Hannah Gonzalez
Returning for her second year on staff, Hannah Gonzalez is beyond excited to be graphics editor. Hannah joined TRL on accident last year, but quickly realized it was the perfect place for her. With her upcoming sophomore year, Hannah is ecstatic for the 2020 volleyball season and hopes on winning a second state championship. On campus, Hannah looks forward to seeing her incredible teachers, hundreds of familiar faces, FCA, TRL (of course) and Friday night football games. Hannah’s favorite room at LHS is the newsroom, where she is greeted with many friends, the snack cabinet, FNR, and countless daily surprises. Food is Hannah’s number one most favorite thing in the world (after Jesus), so don’t hold her up when she’s heading to lunch. Hannah can’t wait for her 2020-2021 school year at LHS.

Hannah Gonzalez, Section Editor

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Hannah Gonzalez