Pick 6: Can defensive coach deliver for the guests?

Following Thanksgiving break, the “experts” are doing all they can to place their names at the top of the leaderboard with the season on the tail end. Not many upsets occurred last week except for Arkansas defeating Ole Miss at home. All the experts picked the Rebels to win, however fellow “expert” Doig had the lone Razorbacks pick. On the leaderboard, Friloux remains in first with a 40-22 record. Behind her is Spooner who holds a 35-25 record. Koehn and the Guests round out third with records of 33-27. Previously in last place, Doig had the best record in the previous week pushing him to 4th place at 32-28, while Perez rounds out the “experts” in fifth place at a 31-29 overall record.

This week’s guest is Riley Donovan. Donovan is the defensive line coach for the football team and also teaches history. Let’s see if he can push the guests past Koehn and move them up the standings.