Band members earn spot in all state


Hannah Gonzalez

Ten students earned a chair in the All State Band convention. They will perform in their respective ensembles in February.

Ten members of the band earned spots at All State. The All State Band convention will be held in February where members will play in their designated ensembles.

“The TMEA All State Band and Orchestra is a high school music competition that many high school bands and orchestras participate in,” junior clarinet player Chris Dechant said. “Those auditioning are expected to have learned [their etudes] to the highest level possible in order to pass each round of the audition.”

Band members are given etudes, a musical composition created for a certain instrument, that are released in July to practice and perfect. They must show a mastery of the etude, as well as mastery on their instrument and musical proficiency.

“I practiced every day to improve on the All State etudes,” junior oboe player Emma Ball said. “I wanted to make sure my technique was super solid on the fast pieces. I used to perform in front of others for feedback and get used to playing for an audience.”

Members must first make it to the region-level competition where they can place high enough to move onto Area. During Area, they must compete to earn a spot in the All State ensembles.

“You have to go through three major auditions with rounds in each,” Ball said. “The top performers advance. It’s really competitive for every instrument.”

Ten members of the school’s band made All State ensembles. Senior Dom Mauriello made the jazz band in November while the rest of the members found out their spots last Saturday.

“Getting into one of the ensembles is a very prestigious position for anyone who makes it, and even more so if you place in one of the higher ensembles,” Mauriello said. “For me, it was kind of surprising that I had placed so high since I had never done it before. It kind of feels that way for everyone who gets in any ensemble.”

The members will perform at the All State Band competition from Feb. 9-12. 

“It’s a great feeling: a feeling of success and accomplishment,” Mauriello said. “You get to see your hard work pay off.”