Pick 6: Lavender laces up the cleats

After a bye week, the “experts” are pushing ahead after the prior week’s games. Last week fellow “expert” Perez had the best record as he picked two upset games with LSU defeating Alabama and Liberty winning against Arkansas. With this, Perez has taken up fourth place at a record of 29-25 which previously was held by fellow “expert” Doig, who is now in last place with a 27-27 record. In front of Perez and Doig, Koehn and the guests are tied for third with respective records of 30-24. Spooner is in second at 32-22 and Friloux remains in first place with a 36-20 record. Last week’s games caused some problems for the “experts” so let’s see if they can rebound this week.

This week, our guest is none other than Jaxson Lavender. Jaxson is a receiver for the football team and is committed to SMU to play next fall. Lets see if Lavender can use his football knowledge to help the guests rise above the rest of the competition.