Pick 6: Semifinals

Katie Dolberry

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Last week was the Divisional Round of the NFL’s playoffs, meaning only four games. Out of the four games, TRL’s “experts” Doig and Mapes, and guest picker Jaxson Lavender, chose a perfect 4/4. TRL’s girls Dolberry and Friloux broke even going 2-2 on the week. 

Last week’s guest picker was sophomore football player Jaxson Lavender. Lavender is a receiver on the football team and recently received the title of Special Teams MVP of region 7-5A. 

This week for the guest picker, TRL welcomes freshman baseball player and golfer Lorenzo Osteguin. Osteguin also plays baseball outside of school for Dulin’s Dodgers. Osteguin and TRL’s Giordano went against the rest of the “experts” and chose the Bills and Buccaneers to take on Super Bowl LV.

Who do you agree and disagree with? Who would you like to see as a guest picker? Let us know your thoughts in a comment down below.