Pick 6: Markovich with the touchdown?

Fresh off the bye week, the Pick 6 competition is ramping up as the leaderboard falls into place. Last week half of our “experts” were successful in their picks as Tennessee upset previously ranked No.1 Alabama. Coming off an intense week, Friloux is in the lead with a 30-12 record. Spooner takes second at 27-15 and following very close behind is Koehn with 26-16. Last week’s guest, Morgan Alexander, put the guest in fourth. Doig takes fifth with a record of 23-19 and Perez takes up the rear at 22-20. This week will be important as some of the “experts” have a chance to take the lead.

Our guest picker this week is none other than Jessica Markovich. She is a freshman biology teacher and an AP biology teacher. Let’s see if she has the knowledge to bring the guests up on the leaderboard.