Pick 6: Head basketball coach takes a shot at football

The experts return after an interesting series of events last week. We had a major upset in the UNC vs Georgia Tech game as all of our experts picked UNC, but Georgia Tech pulled out a win. Hughes continues to lead the pack with a 13-5 record by basing her picks on the colors of each team and a little help from football captain Will Craft. Koehn is behind Hughes with a 10-8 record and Doig, Friloux, and Giordano all tied 9-9. Our guest pickers are taking up the rear with a 8-10 record. 

This week we have some big college games with some unsure outcomes. Our guest this week is head boys basketball coach Kyle Herrema. Herrema has great knowledge of basketball, and we’ll see after this week if it’s the same for football.