Pick 6: Super Bowl LV

Katie Dolberry, Section Editor

Last week’s conference championship winners left a 1-1 record amongst all of the pickers. This week, the picks are split down the middle once again. TRL’s “experts” Dolberry, Mapes and Friloux all predict that the Kansas City Chiefs will be back to back Super Bowl Champions. TRL’s Doig and Giordano along with this week’s guest are betting on Brady. 

The guest pickers this year out shined TRL’s panel of “experts” as they have secured a tie for first place. However, if the Buccaneers pull out a win they will be the lone winner. If the Chiefs win, then Mapes will tie for first place. 

Last week’s guest picker was freshman golfer and baseball player Lorenzo Osteguin. Osteguin correctly predicted the Buccaneers to be in the championship but underestimated the Chiefs for an even record on the week.  

For the final week, TRL is happy to host Coach Robert Lewis. Lewis is the coach for the outside linebackers and JV Red boy’s basketball team. Lewis has selected the Buccaneers to be the champions of Super Bowl LV as doesn’t want to bet against Brady.

Thanks for following us this season! Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Which picker were you rooting for this year? What is your favorite highlight from the season? Let us know in a comment down below.