Pick 6: Battle of the siblings

Last week, Doig was the only “expert” to pick Notre Dame as they defeated a top ranked Syracuse team. Another game that stumped all the “experts” was Kansas State’s obliteration of Oklahoma State, a game where all the “experts” picked Oklahoma State. Entering week 9, the “experts” have some intriguing matchups on their hands. No. 2 Tennessee heads into Athens, Georgia on Saturday to take on the No.1 Georgia squad in arguably one of the biggest games so far in college football this season. In addition to this matchup, there are plenty of other games that could be tricky for some of the “experts”. As far as the standings go, Friloux remains well ahead in first place with a 34-16 record. Behind Friloux, Spooner and Koehn are tied for second place with records of 29-19. The guests are just one game behind Spooner and Koehn with a 28-20 record. Behind the guests, Doig comes in two games behind with a 26-22 record. Perez takes up the rear in last place with a 24-24 record.

This week we have a sibling rivalry in action. Eloise Friloux is the younger sister of fellow “expert” Margo. Eloise is a freshman and works as a graphic designer for The Red Ledger. Let’s see how the sisters battle it out this week amongst all the other “experts”.