Pick 6: Herrema shoots his shot at football

The competition is continuing to heat up for week six. Last week, our own editor-in-chief Calla held the best record of all the “experts” with an outcome of 4-2. Because of this, the guests are now tied for second place with Koehn with records of 20-10. Behind them is Spooner who is just one game behind at 19-11. Doig trails behind at 16-14 and Perez remains in last place with a 14-16 record. Friloux’s performance last week has propelled her to first place out of all the “experts”. This week has some games that could go either way, so let’s see who rises up the rankings board this week.

This week’s guest, Kyle Herrema, will look to potentially bring the guests into first place. Herrema is the head coach for the basketball team and is a PALS teacher. Let’s see if Herrema can shoot his shot with football.