Pick 6: Chief tries football


The competition is heating up for week five. Following last week, our “experts” are fighting to take the lead. Spooner and Friloux are still holding on in first at 18-6 and Koehn is showing off her skills in second with a record of 17-7. Our guest last week was able to legg up the competition and put the guest in third place at 16-8. Doig fell behind last week, losing four games and now holds a record of 15-9 in fourth place. Perez is bringing up the rear at 13-11.

The Red Ledger is proud to announce that we have our very own editor-in-chief joining us this week. Calla Patino is also a part of the cross country team. Let’s see if Patino can run through the competition and show off her knowledge of football.