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Seniors Meghan and Amanda Karras’ favorite twin time movie is Ratatouille. “I [Meghan] think it’s mostly that during the same classes and everything together, where we both do orchestra, swim, you always kind of have somebody there.”

Amanda and Meghan Karras

March 15, 2022

At a Glance:

Favorite thing to do together: Swim or spend time with friends

Meghan’s favorite musical artist: Sia 

Amanda’s favorite musical artist: Sticks

Favorite movie to watch together: Ratatouille, Hallmark Christmas movies

Looking Deeper:

The Red Ledger: What’s your favorite part of having a twin?

Meghan Karras: Having somebody you can rely on. If you need help with something, they can always be there. Especially for homework or like schoolwork and everything.

Amanda Karras: It’s like we’re always around each other. We sort of know when something’s wrong. We always have someone to talk to.

TRL: How has your relationship with your twin changed over the course of your high school years?

Amanda: Before we joined Lovejoy in eighth grade, we were homeschooled. It was really different. When we join school, I feel like we became more of our own person instead of relying on each other.

Meghan: Different people will take different classes or will be in different clubs and stuff, so we don’t rely on each other as much in that aspect. We can become more of our own person and just do different things, being more confident and who we are.

TRL: How do you think that having a twin has affected your high school experience?

Meghan: I think it’s mostly that during the same classes and everything together, where we both do orchestra, swim, you always kind of have somebody there. 

Amanda: It’s just a second opinion in your life. I guess it’s kind of like having a sibling but also like somebody because like, it’s kind of the same thing with a younger sister, except we’re in the same grade.

TRL: How do you think your relationship will change when you go to college/after high school? 

Meghan: Our dads are also identical twins. They went to separate colleges and stuff, so I think that’s really effective in helping us become more independent. 

Amanda: We’re seniors going to college next year, and we’re planning on maybe going to separate colleges, hopefully. I think it will become even more and more individualized and everything and more separate.

TRL: What’s the most frustrating thing about having a twin?

Amanda: I think it’s mostly like people not putting effort in to see us as we are. They don’t put any effort into knowing which one was which, or grouping us together. I feel like it’s like Megan and me, instead of just me. I think that was more when you’re younger. It’s certainly gotten better over the years.

Meghan: Especially when we were younger it was really frustrating. It’s understandable, but it was still annoying.

Amanda:  If Megan has a bad day, I feel like sort of represents me in some ways. I feel like it affects me. How she does affects how people see me. 

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