NHS holds superhero day


Hannah Gonzalez

On Wednesday, students are encouraged to wear capes to support children battling illnesses. Children’s health supports children battling illnesses such as cancer.

NHS invites students to wear capes to school tomorrow for superhero day in support of Children’s Health.

“Children’s Health has a cape day where all their patients and nurses and doctors wear capes,” NHS sponsorTania Vaughn said. “We wanted to change it to superhero day because those children who are battling illness are really superheroes.”

NHS holds service projects every year for different causes. The group previously held walk-a-thons and fundraising events for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but this year, NHS chose Children’s Health. The fundraising goal for NHS is $5,000 for Children’s Health this year which would make NHS a sponsor of Children’s health. 

“You see the strength of the kids in the hospital, and you just want to do everything you can to support them, even if it’s just a cape,” NHS member and junior Amber Liu said.

Children’s Health was selected because of the passing of high school student Bethany McTee earlier this year. The McTee family asked for donations to be directed toward the Children’s Hospital in Bethany’s honor.

“I think it’s important because we can show the kids at the Children’s Hospital that we are supportive of them and here for them,” NHS member and junior Jordyn Worrall said.

NHS members are expected to take a picture wearing their capes. Along with dressing up for superhero day, NHS is giving back to Children’s Health by asking students to make items such as blankets and cards for children in the hospital. 

“I think we need to consider that we’re all healthy for the most part and that we’re all safe,” Vaughn said. “You just need to reflect on how lucky and privileged you are not to have to battle that type of stuff on a daily basis. Those children who are battling illness, those are the real superheroes.”