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Cameron Stapleton

Cameron Stapleton, A&E Editor

Senior Cameron Stapleton is happy to embark on her first year as A&E editor, but not so happy that her Red Ledger career will be over in May. Stapleton has many interests, but has narrowed them down to the absolute best: video games, history, reading and military science. At times when she is not doing homework or working on school projects, she can be found reading a good book or wandering around with friends trying to become the very best Pokemon master. Also known as that kid who knows “too much” about WWII, she has mastered the art of making her English class groan out loud during socratic seminars by just mentioning the past. Stapleton has almost mastered how to run short distances somewhat fast and can make killer oatmeal. Just in case being a Pokemon trainer doesn’t work out (she still has hope), she is training to jump out of perfectly good planes for a living, because, seriously, who doesn’t want to do that? In a year, Stapleton hopes to be studying history… somewhere.

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