Review: World of Warships


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World of Warships is a free game by Wargaming with good graphics. However, it lacks content and map variety.

Cameron Stapleton, Staff Reporter

Developed and published by studio Wargaming, comes the new free-to-play game in their “World of” saga, “World of  Warships.” “World of Warships” is exactly what it sounds like: warships going head to head in a beautiful environment that is completely bug free.

Unlike “World of Tanks” and “World of Warplanes,” “World of Warships” starts the player out with two warships, one Japanese, one American, with a decent amount of firepower and maneuverability. And again, unlike Wargaming’s previous games, the tier one (weakest) ships are actually decent. The controls are the simple WASD to move and right click to fire the guns, but it will take some getting used to before players are able to tally maneuver their ships with no problems.

For a free game, the graphics are fantastic. Most of the rendering of the game is water physics and the player’s ship, and the level of detail is noticeable. The water acts like it should, with waves, wakes, and others.  Right now, only Japanese and American ships are available to play without having to pay real money. Players can play a few Russian ships, but have to buy them with hard currency.

The game is fun, but what it lacks right now is content. Sure there’s seventy ships right now, but where is the map variety? There is only one playable map as of right now. Plus, this game unfortunately tries to lure you into paying real money right off the bat. Don’t want to play for hours on end to get better ships? Just buy a tier 4 right off the bat for 3,000 gold! That’s roughly 12-16 USD, depending which one is bought. Also, players can buy German warships not even in the game yet for upwards of 65 USD.

It’s a good game without a doubt, but the lack of content and extreme money grabbing done by the developers is keeping it from being a great one.

Platforms: PC