New Tom Clancy game a dissapointment

Even though this game is free, it lacks good animation and a plot.

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Even though this game is free, it lacks good animation and a plot.

Cameron Stapleton, Staff Reporter

Tom Clancy is well known in the gaming world for his many military shooters, many of them worth the money and time. But the latest game featuring the Clancy name (Ghost Recon Phantoms) is free to play on Steam.

At first look the graphics are pretty good for a low budget shooter. Unfortunately, there are only two maps in the entire game, and most of the landscape is just different shades of bleak with barely any color. To make the maps even worse, the animation is so poorly done that it looks like any movement is going at half the normal speed of any human motion.

But beyond appearances, the cover system is clunky and broken. The supposed theory was that players could take cover behind walls by pressing the spacebar, but most walls won’t let players take cover behind them, making the entire cover mechanism utterly pointless 90 percent of game time.

To make things even worse – there is no plot; no substance whatsoever. Not to mention that the entire game only has two multiplayer maps and all good weapons and equipment have to be bought with real money, putting players who have no interest in buying the weapons at a severe disadvantage to those who do.

While other games in the Tom Clancy series may be worth the money, don’t waste the hard drive space on this buggy and unenjoyable spectacle of a game.