Wolfenstein: The Old Blood well worth the price

Wolfenstein impressed gaming gurus with detail and quality for a fair price.

Courtesy of Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein impressed gaming gurus with detail and quality for a fair price.

Cameron Stapleton, Staff Reporter

A prequel to last years Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a standalone downloadable episode that takes place in an alternative history (1946) in which the Nazi’s are winning World War II. Playing as OSS  operative Captain BJ Blazkowicz, players must infiltrate the infamous Castle Wolfenstein to retrieve secret information that might turn the tide of the war to the Allies’ side.

The graphics are the same as in The New Order, and so are the controls and gameplay, but all the characters, story, and environments are brand new. The characters are interesting and complex, just like The New Order, and the levels are beautifully done and a blast to explore. During the course of the game, characters explore Castle Wolfenstein, the surrounding area, and a town called Wolfsburg.  Any fan of Wolfenstein or other great First Person Shooters will love this games hours of shooting. New weapons, perks, and collectibles make the game fresh and new, while new enemy types and character models add to the interest factor.

The story is interesting and carries on for a long time. The game is roughly eight hours long, (half the length of  The New Order) and half the price of its predecessor. It is 100 percent worth the $20 price tag for returning fans or newbies. It might be downloadable content,  but Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, has more content and effort put into it than  many full priced games.

Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360