Dead Rising 3 comes out for PC

Dead Rising has minor glitches, but also good graphics and a decent story.

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Dead Rising has minor glitches, but also good graphics and a decent story.

Cameron Stapleton, Staff Reporter

Dead Rising 3 is now available in PC format after first released as an Xbox One exclusive November 2013.

The PC version has better graphics, but unfortunately more glitches. Zombies will sometimes run into the player without damaging them, while human NPC’s will walk into walls and stand oblivious in a crowd of zombies. It is annoying, because the player is tasked with keeping these characters alive most of the time.

The story is decent, but if the first two installments are foreign to the player, it is hard to get the entire gist of the story at first. Also, the PC version of Dead Rising 3 is locked at 30 frames per second. There are many ways to unlock the frame cap, and it is highly recommended as the game is extremely clunky and laggy at 30 FPS.

Players take the role of Nick Ramos, a mechanic working in Los Perdidos, a fictional city that has been infested with zombies. As Nick, players need to escape the city while keeping his friends alive. The level of difficulty in this game though is uneven. While fighting zombies and such, the game is extremely easy, but bosses are extremely difficult, almost impossible at first. This difficulty spike is extremely infuriating, and makes parts of the game feel like a chore instead of fun and worthwhile.

The game is good, players must look past the glitches, lack of plot, and fix the FPS issues to get at the core of the game: a fun zombie game with awesome weapons.