Fallout 4 falls just short of perfection

Cameron Stapleton, Staff Reporter

War, war never changes. These are the magnificent words that great players at the beginning of every “Fallout” game. Except this time, they are voiced by the player character. The game starts with a live action trailer that is meant to inform new players and reinforce the depressing story of the “Fallout” universe. World War II ended with an atom bomb- your story starts with one.

First off: the graphics. “Fallout 4” is not the prettiest game to come out this year, but neither was “Fallout 3,” and it was a great game. What makes “Fallout 4” a beautiful game is not its graphics, but its style. The style of the “Fallout” series is all 1950’s style, from clothing to cars and guns to houses, everything looks like it came straight out of the Cold War era. The controls are about as good on keyboard as “Fallout 3” and “Fallout: New Vegas.” The game is far better with a controller, but those that prefer a keyboard won’t be disappointed. The gameplay has been improved tremendously. Combat does not feel clunky anymore, but instead is a smooth and streamlined process that makes fighting a fun experience.   

The story is better than that of  “Fallout 3,”  but has less factions and substance than “New Vegas.” It is still a decent story that is compelling and engrossing with plenty of plot twists, but it isn’t the best video game story out there. The character creation is everything Bethesda promised, and it is now an interesting endeavor to create one’s protagonist. Tag skills, gun condition, and Karma are all gone, but players will most likely not miss them. Bethesda has expanded beyond what they cut from the game, adding more substance in other areas to add to the overall experience.    

No doubt about it though, “Fallout 4” is worth every penny. The series has been streamlined slightly to attract more players, but hardcore fans will most likely find that the changes do not take away from the amazing experience.