Wolfenstein: the new order


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Wolfenstein is an old story dating back to 1992, and now has come back with its successful new release, Wolfenstein: the new order

Cameron Stapleton, Staff Reporter

The Wolfenstein story has been around since 1992, when the generic shooter Wolfenstein 3D was released to wide critical acclaim. In 2009, the series was rebooted, but it’s safe to say that most people refuse to even say that the game even existed. Now, with the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order, the Wolfenstein series has room to brag.

The graphics aren’t Crysis 3 quality, but the environments are still extremely well done. The character models are superb; faces are exceptionally detailed and so are the enemy uniforms. The guns, characters, uniforms, and environments are all extremely interesting, sparking interest in history buffs and regular gamers alike.

Wolfenstein: The New Order takes place in an alternate history where the Nazis won World War II thanks to an unknown super technology. Gamers take the role of U.S. Army Ranger William Blazkowicz, who after a head wound during the final offensive against the Germans in 1946, has spent the last 14 years in a Polish mental hospital. Based on the player’s actions during the first mission, there are two different story arcs that players can enjoy, as the story is superb. The developers even went as far as to include highly detailed back stories for characters in the game for less than five minutes.

Characters are very well voice acted, but the sound of their voice comes before their lips move, making a very small glitch in the PC version that should be fixed in the next patch. Otherwise, the game runs smoothly on all graphic options, with only a few occasional hiccups when levels load.

This game is highly recommended for any gamer willing to play a game different from the storm of cut and paste first person shooters.