Battlefield: Hardline leaves something to be desired

Although the multiplayer is fun, the single player mode is disappointing and not worth the price.

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Although the multiplayer is fun, the single player mode is disappointing and not worth the price.

Cameron Stapleton, Staff Reporter

Last years Battlefield 4 was a complete disaster at launch. Constant game crashes, glitches, and inability to even connect to EA’s servers killed the games chance at becoming a Game of the Year contender. This years Battlefield, Battlefield: Hardline, fares much better on launch, but suffers from lack of content and a boring single player mode.

In multiplayer, there are eight modes: heist, hotwire, blood money, rescue, crosshair, conquest, conquest large, and team deathmatch.The multiplayer is a simple cops vs. criminals mixture, with certain guns being locked for a certain faction. For example, many pistols can only be used by the Police, and many assault rifles can only be used by criminals. There are four classes, like all the Battlefield games, called Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer, and Professional. The multiplayer has less maps than Battlefield 4 and a lot less guns and gadgets to start out with. Each class starts out with only three or four guns at most, while only a handful of others can be unlocked by level ups and playing through singleplayer. All in all, multiplayer is a fun experience, but feels like it was rushed out the door in many places.

As for singleplayer, it is boring and underdeveloped. Players take the role of Nick Mendoza, a detective in the Miami PD as he and his partner try and bust a drug ring. It is a pretty straight forward story with dull characters and poorly written dialogue. The plot is a cliche of every cop drama ever, so it isn’t interesting. It is a short game with barely any substance that should not be priced at $60.

All in all, the multiplayer is very fun, but the singleplayer is not worth the time except for the guns and gadgets that can be unlocked for multiplayer. If this game was priced at $30, it would still be too much for the content players receive. It is only worth a buy when the price goes down.

Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One