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Calla Patino

Calla Patino, Section Editor

Entering her second year on staff, junior Calla Patino looks forward to returning to the newsroom as a Section Editor. She spends most of her time at celebration park running and sometimes dancing with her cross country teammates. Every Wednesday, she loves catching up with the youth group at Resonate Life Church. At the end of the day, Patino enjoys baking her “famous” snickerdoodles as it’s the only recipe she has perfected in the kitchen and flip-flopping between “Outer Banks” and “Criminal Minds.” Patino loves to make time for her family and friends (mainly every Saturday at her family's BBQs), eating almost anything with cinnamon, helping out in the Beacon Virtual Outreach club and traveling to South Africa. Patino hopes to go into journalism after she graduates, but as for now, she can’t wait for this school year to begin.

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Community member Noah Wallaert is participating in the kicken for chicken challenge next week during halftime at the Oklahoma game. Calla Patino details his journey donating bone marrow and how he got nominated.

One in five million

November 29, 2021
Sandi Caston sands with her gems and rocks while holding up a skull. Caston and her husband travel and live in a motor home while selling their jewelry and other items.

Creative outlet

November 19, 2021
TRLs Calla Patino and Sarah Hibberd interview Alexander Ingram and Johnny Cana about their experiences in the army at the Veterans Day Dinner. Ingram and Cana met each other from their work as bus drivers for the district.

Connected through service

November 15, 2021
Sloan Creek Intermediate School principal Ray Winkler is leaving the school district. Winkler has been a part of the district for 11 years.


October 28, 2021
Yearbook teacher Aaron Cappotelli went back to school to get his masters degree when he was working in radio. Cappotelli left radio after working in Los Angeles with Ryan Seacrest.

Off air

October 21, 2021
Athletic director, head boys basketball coach, and PALS adviser Kyle Herrema has been in the district for 15 years. Herrema has taught nine different subjects over his time at the high school.

Organized chaos

October 15, 2021
Freshman Emersyn Runions will be competing in the fencing Junior World Cup. The competition will take place in Grenoble, France.

Parry in France

October 14, 2021
English teacher Suzanne Reiners teaches an SEL lesson to her class. Reiners has also previously taught third and eigth grade.

Full circle

September 17, 2021
Math teacher Caleb Goff teaches limits to a calculus student. Goff took over the position of an AP Calculus teacher for his uncle, Keith Christian.

Hidden talents

September 14, 2021
Assistant Principal Austin Coachman and his dad and previous assistant principal Bruce Coachman stand in front of their family photos. Bruces position was rehired to be his son taking over as assistant principal.

Like father like son

August 20, 2021
Oldest daughter Alexis Vera, son Noah Vera, and Spanish teacher Amanda Vera all welcome newborn twins Alyssandra and Victoria Vera to the family. During maternity leave Vera had shared everything the class would need on Google Classroom, she also shared the Zoom links for class and tutorials for Spanish teacher Jose Madrids class.

Double trouble

May 20, 2021
Junior Dinah Thadikonda and her mother Suma Joseph stands wearing a saree with her daughter Dina, who is wearing her kuchipidi dance costume. Joseph served in the Indian Navy and shared with Thadikonda lessons of trials she faced.

Words of wisdom

May 13, 2021
Girls track coach Carly Littlefield ran track in high school and college. Carlys daughter Kailey shares her same passion for running.

Little things

April 23, 2021
Freshman Hannah Mao and senior Andrew Mao competed in UIL together, facing off in friendly competition. Andrew and Hannah will compete at UIL Regionals on April 16 and 17.

Only time will tell

April 15, 2021
Ashley Bonilla takes a selfie with her sister-in-law Ginna Bonilla. The sisters became best friends when working at Brookhaven Country Club.


March 30, 2021
Junior Claire Traylor cheers on Swooshcats at Cheer Athletics. She has been on her current team for three years.

Cheer on

February 22, 2021
Michael Martin, first from the left, poses for a photo in a Nationals race in Indianapolis. Martin scored second place in this race.

Speedy Martin

February 9, 2021
Senior Annie Laos wears her Baylor Scott and White uniform. Volunteering for her third year at Baylor Scott and White, she is eligible for the green cord of community service for doing more than 400 hours of community service.

Medical journey

February 1, 2021
Sophomore Dawton Bruner stands next to the table he built and donated to the Lucas Fire Department. Bruner received his Eagle Scout for the project.

Firemen, forest tables

January 19, 2021
Elvie Trevino sits in one of her substitute classes. She has been a substitute teacher for five years and has won two awards.

Perfect match

December 7, 2020
Senior Anna Iovinelli rides in on her horse after an eight mile ride. Iovinelli rode in the Trace the Trail competition.

Equine beastice

November 20, 2020
Freshmen Julie Snow dances for the Academy of Dance Arts. Snow will perform in the studios production of the Nutcracker.

Dancing with love

November 17, 2020
Larry Little stands behind his campaign sign for the Fairview Town Council election. His wife, Pam Little, was a previous town council member.

Giving back to Fairview

October 26, 2020
Fairview Town Council member Cynthia Brugge holds up her re-election sign during a campaign event. Brugge along with Roland Feldman are running for re-election.

Honor to serve

October 21, 2020
Roland Feldman stands with his daughter, senior Ariel Feldman, and wife Fiana Feldman. Feldman is running to be re-elected for Fairview Town Council.

Spending wisely

October 13, 2020
Jeanette Grazioli stands with her campaign sign along with the signs of incumbents Roland Feldman and Cynthia Brugge. Grazioli is a Lovejoy mom of junior, Gabby Grazioli, and eighth-grader, Will Grazioli.

Passion for politics

September 25, 2020
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