Review: Howdy Hawaii

TRL’s Audrey McCaffity reviews Allen Outlets new restaurant Hawaiian Bros


Calla Patino

Hawaiian Bros is a new chain restaurant off of Stacy Road in Allen. TRL’s Audrey McCaffity reviews their lunch plate and soft serve.

Hawaiian Bros opened on Stacy Road at the end of 2021. The chain restaurant has locations in six states and has recently made its way to Texas. It brings a unique change to the common fast food places throughout Allen, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. 

“Huli Huli Chicken”

Walking up to the restaurant, it has a cute outdoor seating area that is not common with other fast-food spots. The palm trees, teal and yellow color scheme really give it a tropical vibe that’s fun and creative. 

The first thing that I tried was the “Huli Huli Chicken” lunch plate. Each lunch plate comes with a side of rice and macaroni salad, and they can be ordered in different sizes. The chicken had a sweet teriyaki sauce already on it as well as more on the side. The sauce was really well balanced and added flavor to the plain white rice that comes with it. Even without the sauce, the chicken was not too dry, which is very nice. I ordered the smallest size, and I thought it had a decent amount of food for the price. It also worked out well as a way to try it for the first time. Personally, I am not a fan of any type of macaroni salad. Because of this, I was hesitant to try it but went ahead because it is a staple side. I thought that it paired well with the chicken and rice, but when I tried it separately, it tasted too strong. I would probably prefer to opt for the roasted vegetables side or pineapple next time, but it is definitely worth the try if you like macaroni salad. 

Dole Soft Serve

Next up, I tried the Dole Soft Serve. I got the pineapple and the strawberry pineapple twist. The pineapple was very good, and it took me back to eating a dole whip on a hot day at Disney World. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I preferred the twist to the original. The strawberry balances out the tartness of the pineapple, and it doesn’t taste too artificial which is something that is too common in strawberry-flavored items. The soft serve is also vegan which makes it available to everyone. With the summer heat quickly approaching, the soft serves are sure to be one of the most popular items available.

Some other notable things on the menu that I did not have a chance to try include a savory sesame chicken, two different levels of spicy chicken and the luau pork. All of these are available on the simple lunch plate, and the restaurant offers you options to mix two different proteins if you want to do so. Spam musubi is also available as a side for those willing to get out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Overall, I think Hawaiian Bros adds some new flavors and options to the community’s staples. The soft serve really adds a lot to the restaurant, and the meals are all worth a try. 

Rating: 7/10