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Claire Peralta
Now that she’s a senior, not much has changed besides the dwindling number of days until her graduation. Claire Peralta is still as awkward and unsure of herself as she was freshman year, but about 2 inches taller. Rarely will you see her without a Diet Coke in hand, because of her undying love for Diet Coke, as showcased in her junior year staff bio. Yes, she knows it’s unhealthy, please don’t inform her of how her stomach is slowly becoming radioactive.

She loves odd necklaces, surfing, travelling, and hopes to leave the United States as soon as possible to become the female Rick Steves while learning as many languages as possible. Her favorite color is the absence of color, and has little to no filter. Claire attributes her unique personality to her obsession with James Bond movies and Blink-182 in the 3rd grade. She apologizes in advance if she offends you, she probably didn’t mean to.

For questions and inquiries contact: [email protected], or follow her on Twitter @clairemperalta.

Claire Peralta, Staff Reporter

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