December brings warm weather

Claire Peralta, Staff Reporter

All cozy inside, sipping hot chocolate and staring out the window at the beautiful white snowflakes as they fall to the ground. Hearing laughing, squealing children having a snowball fight and making snow angels. Theoretically, this is a typical December. But this December has been filled with record-high temperatures for the North Texas area.

    “Being from Chicago, I don’t like (the warmer weather),” sophomore Payton Welch said. “I wish it would snow. It’s way too warm to be winter.”
However, some people have a different reaction to the warmer weather.
“Well, I think it’s great because I don’t like cold weather. I am a warm weather person, but I think at this point in time it could get really cold on us,” english teacher Ginny Clark said. “With the weather we’ve been experiencing, I don’t know what to expect.”
Typical of Texas weather, it certainly has been unpredictable. On December 14, the Texas panhandle was hit with two tornadoes near the Amarillo area, their first December tornadoes in over 60 years, a result of the warmer weather.
“I think that our weather patterns are becoming crazy because of global warming,” Clark said.
Though some don’t believe that it’s happening, global warming is caused by the deterioration of the Earth’s ozone layer due to the releasing of greenhouse gases, which allows more of the sun’s heat to enter the earth’s atmosphere. Either way, the earth is certainly becoming warmer.
“I think this winter has been a cause of global warming, and also partially because last winter was so cold, it’s making up for it,” sophomore Elizabeth Ennis said. “But I don’t like it, I wish it were cold.”