Men’s volleyball team set to launch

Claire Peralta, Staff Reporter

The Leopard volleyball program is going co-ed as plans are underway for a guy’s club team next year. There will be an informational meeting for prospective players in the Lecture Hall  Tuesday during all lunches.

“A new league is being formed for men’s high school volleyball, with the inaugural season set to launch in the spring of 2015 to crown the first ever high school state champion in the sport,” boy’s volleyball coach Kyle Komenda said. “Tomorrow’s meeting will introduce potential players to this new league and the opportunity to have a Lovejoy team compete.”

All male students are encouraged to compete, even if they have never played volleyball before.

“No one should be discouraged from attending because they haven’t played the sport before,” Komenda said. “High school is the perfect time to pick up the sport.  Players should realize too that there are only a handful of high school age players playing in Texas today; as a result, the vast majority of players that will be playing in this league have also yet to play competitively.”