Hostess products return to market

Claire Peralta, Staff Reporter

After filing for bankruptcy in 2012, Hostess Brands, now owned by private equity groups Apollo Global Management and Metropolis & Co is back open for business. The company, which suffered for years before closing its bakeries, is now reopening locations in Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, and Georgia, and their products are expected to be back on the shelves by July of this year.

“I’m excited for Twinkies to come back on the shelves,” junior Grant Jarvis said. “I’ve enjoyed eating Twinkies, and I can’t wait to eat some more.”

However, some are opposed to the idea of these fatty foods being sold nationwide.

“I don’t really like the Hostess products,” junior Quinn Havens said. “They’re not healthy, and (by selling Hostess products), America is promoting obesity.”

Since 1930, Hostess Brands, inc. has had a large influence over America’s culture, and many are excited that the tradition will continue.

“I love Twinkies. Twinkies are a childhood necessity and I can’t live without them,” 2013 graduate Brandon Scott.  “Twinkies represent the American dream, and don’t ever give up. That’s how I feel. I’m extremely excited.”