Fitnessgram part of alternative schedule


Michelle Stoddart

Juniors partake in the Fitnessgram in the state’s effort to monitor and improve student health.

Claire Peralta, Staff Reporter

Every year, students are required to do the state-mandated Fitnessgram. Consisting of  a mile run, push-ups, and trunk lifts along with other activities, it’s usually an event dreaded by most students. However, on Feb. 14, the school is trying to promote a healthy lifestyle in an enjoyable way.

“To break up the day, we’re going to put the freshmen in their health and leadership classes,” athletic trainer Jon Stinson said. “On our Health Awareness Day we’re only going to have the Sophomores and Juniors do the Fitnessgram.”

The freshman class will be doing the Fitnessgram at a later time, while seniors are completely exempt.

Health Awareness Day will also feature a Zumba class, taught by a familiar face.

“I am actually a Zumba instructor,” French teacher Melody Mozley said. “I’ve taught classes for students and faculty before, and everybody seemed to enjoy it, so I hope that it is just as successful as before and people get the idea that you can be healthy and have fun at the same time.”