Frontier food stand still going strong

Claire Peralta, Staff Reporter

Many students have been going to the Texas State Fair for their entire lives, but definitely not as long as the Frontier Fruit and Nuts stand. Located in a shaded area of the State Fair home to many other shops and stands, the Frontier Fruit and Nuts stand has been open for a very long time.

“We have been a business for over 35 years,” stand owner Joyce Lewis said.

The business offers a bevy of different products.

“Everybody comes here to buy things. We market to everybody!” Lewis said, “We have sugar free chocolates, low in sodium,.. and then we’ve got a whole collection of fudge, chocolate covered nuts, we have dehydrated fruit, and all kinds of trail mix. And then we have what I call our kid’s counter, where we have our cherry sours, rock candy, etc…We’ve got it all.”

As state fair regulars, the employees have had the privilege of meeting many stars as well.

“We’ve had many stars come through here, we’ve had the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, and Big Tex too!” Lewis said.

Being open for over 35 years, they also have the opportunity to make lifelong fans out of their customers.

“We’ve had customers who come back every year, who have been coming since they were children, and are now coming back to our stand and bringing their children, and it’s really wonderful to see.”

But the most important customers to the Frontier Fruit and Nut stand are the ones that come every day.

“The children who come through here are absolutely wonderful,” Lewis said, “I love the seeing the smiles on their faces.”