Feeling the heat in B-Hall


Claire Peralta

With temperatures in the low 90s and the air conditioning out in B-Hall, a small fan is all the provides relief from the heat in the class of English teacher Michelle Riddle.

Claire Peralta, Staff Reporter

For more than a day, teachers and students have been learning in unusually warm conditions as Monday morning, the air conditioner started malfunctioning, blowing hot air into the classrooms of Upper B-Hall. Now it is completely broken with a maintenance crew currently on the job.

“The air conditioning has been out since yesterday,” Assistant Principal Bruce Coachman said. “I don’t know precisely when it’ll be fixed, but we have maintenance people working on it right now.”

The lack of air conditioning has affected classroom life in the hallway.

“Yesterday when I came in, it was blowing hot air,” AP Language teacher Jasen Eairheart said. “At some point it shut off completely, and kicked back on during 2nd period, so it was slightly comfortable. 8th period it went out again, and has been out ever since.”

The heat has been affecting not only the comfort of teachers, but students’ ability to focus.

“It was so hot, it made me not want to work,” senior Emily Norwood said. “It honestly caused me to be really unfocused. I just sat there and did nothing the whole class.”

Teachers have noticed the difference.

“My students have been much more lethargic than usual,” Eairheart said.