An impromptu dance


Courtesy of Danielle Brochu

Rather than let the weather related postponement of the Sadie Hawkins ruins their plans, a group of seniors took to the house of Danielle Brochu for a somewhat spontaneous country dance.

Claire Peralta, Staff Reporter

When Saturday’s Sadie Hawkins dance was postponed, a group of students decided that ice and snow wasn’t enough to keep them from two-stepping. In a matter of hours, with the help of parents and social media, an alternate dance was underway.

“We were all super pumped about country dancing and spending time together, and since the roads weren’t bad in Lucas, we were like hey let’s do something tonight,” senior Sarah Bower said. “Then (senior) Danielle (Brochu) said, “Hey, I have a heated gym, and we can move the stuff around for dancing!” so a couple of girls tweeted it, and said everybody could come. Danielle set up hanging lights in the gym, and turned the fluorescent lights off so that it was dim like a dance.”
The Brochu residence was transformed into a country dance hall for students to have fun and practice for the rescheduled dance this Saturday from 7-10 p.m.

“We strung lights across the ceiling and plugged in some country music,” Brochu said. “Before we knew it all of the guys were two stepping away! We learned multiple line dances throughout the night and several of the boys were swing dancing by the end.”

The impromptu dance was perfect for a group who had already shaped their Saturday around a country dance.

“We were all going to go to the dance together, we had made reservations and everything anyway,” senior Emily Norwood said. “Everyone had already gone out and bought cowboy boots, and made plans so why let it go to waste? Plus, we got to practice for the real thing, so the guys felt more comfortable with dancing.”

In previous years, the Sadie Hawkins dance has been cancelled due to lack of ticket sales; this year, students won’t take “postponed” for an answer.

“Sadie’s has never been a thing at our school because unfortunately no one has ever bought into it,” Brochu said. “This year we got several leaders to go ahead and buy into it and suddenly we have girls from every grade who decided to ask their guy friends or boyfriends. We had a group going to Sadies and we were so bummed that it got rescheduled, so we decided to have a little country dance of our own out in my barn. I wish everyone could’ve come. It was definitely a Footloose kind of night.”