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Watering to be restricted starting June 1

Jessica Parrott
With Stage 2 water restrictions currently in place, signs can be seen throughout the area notifying residents when they can water. Stage 3 restrictions will be implemented beginning June 1.

Texas summers can be summarized into one word: hot. The heat combined with the constant beating sun not only takes a toll on the residents of the Lone Star State, but on its water supply as well as local lake levels are far from full.  That has local cities mandating water restrictions starting June 1.

“Fairview will be implementing the Stage of the Drought Contingency Plan, as ordered by North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD),” Code Enforcement Officer for the

Town of Fairview Robert White said. “NTMWD is recommending a “modified” Stage 3, which is somewhat less restrictive than normal. Lawn watering will still be restricted to one day per week, with exceptions for new landscaping, first year plantings of shrubs, and trees and foundations which may be watered for up to 2 hours on any day with a hand-held hose, soaker hose, or dedicated zone with drip irrigation. “Smart” irrigation systems & drip irrigation (sub-surface) can be used without restriction, provided it does not create runoff. Any use which causes runoff or other waste is prohibited.”

Many who live in the North Texas area will be impacted by the water restrictions, whether it’s the color of their lawn, the state of their flowers, or the water level by their lake house. However, the effects of the water restrictions shouldn’t be too harsh.

“It’s going to keep the problem from getting worse,” AP US History teacher Tara Evans said. “However, it shouldn’t affect my day to day life too greatly.”

Such restrictions do not come without reason.

“Our primary water supplies are below normal levels due to less-than-average rainfall, and projections indicate we will not get the rainfall we need going into this summer,” Jim Parks,  North Texas Municipal Water District executive director said in an interview with The Dallas Morning News. “We need to conserve the supplies we have and reduce our water use by at least 10 percent.”

If water is overused in Stage 3 restrictions, the district will move to Stage 4 restrictions, which includes no sprinkler usage.

“I think (the Stage 3 restrictions) are a good thing, and will be helpful with conserving our water,” Evans said.


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