Let the Hoco Games begin

In order to have the odds in your favor, watch the video below as student council members explain how the games will be played.

Student Council


Michelle Stoddart

Homecoming week kicks off with the first ever HOCO games which pits class against class in a “Hunger Games” inspired contest.

Claire Peralta, Staff Reporter

A new homecoming event will begin Monday. The Homecoming Hunger Games, the “Hoco Games”, is a new activity that will take place through Thursday. Two boys and two girls from each grade will be selected as “tributes” to compete against one another in next week’s activities.

Each tribute will wear two football flags during the school day, and much like flag football, if another tribute takes both of their flags, they have lost their “life”. It is then their grade level’s job to bring their tribute back to life by donating canned goods in the commons that will benefit the Allen Community Outreach (ACO).

“The reason that students want to keep their tributes alive is that on Thursday in addition to the Mr. Lovejoy pageant and Powderpuff, we will have the actual Hoco Games,” Student Council adviser Tami Parker said. “There are going to be a variety of activities to decide who will be the Hoco Games winner.”

The rules of the Hoco Games are as follows:

1. Each player will receive a flag football belt with 2 flags which represent the player’s lives.

2. Grade levels will compete against other grade levels.

3. No hiding flags in pockets or tucking them in.

4. Only people with football flags may pull the flags of other contestants.

5. No running or contact.

6. The safe areas are bathrooms, the lunch room, lunch lines, and classrooms.

7. When a player is in a safe zone another player may not pull the flag of the one in the safe zone until they have been outside the zone for at least 30 seconds.

8. After capturing a flag the player the flag was taken from may not try to get the flag back and the player with the pulled flag will take it to the “Capitol” or B203, and may only take the flag during passing periods.

9. The last man standing from each grade level will meet at the pep rally for the final game, which will be a tournament of survival games. This will be on Thursday, October 3.

10. The winner of the final games will receive a prize.

Students can keep updated via social media on all things related to the “Hoco Games” by following @LovejoyHocoGames on Twitter.

For more information on the “Hoco Games” visit Student Council adviser Tami Parker in room B203.