Overcrowding leads to lunch switch


Before finishing the school year, LNN’s Amy Minix hit the lunch tables, the halls, and everywhere else to find out what students have planned for summer.

Claire Peralta, Staff Reporter

Lunch. An extremely important social time for teenagers not just here at the high school, but all over the country, all over the world. It is the time of day where teenagers get their 30 minutes of peace to talk to their friends, without class work to do, or teachers to listen to. For some students, this time of day has been changed by the administration.

“A lunch was disproportionately large, the lines were long, there weren’t enough seats,” assistant principal Bruce Coachman said. “We needed to get 60-100 people out of A lunch and distribute them to the other lunch just because of the size.”

However, some students weren’t happy.

“Some of my students were definitely upset,” biology teacher Tarna Armstrong said.     “But A lunch is overly full, and (the administration) asked us if we’d move, and I had no reason to tell them no.”

The administration has expressed that students’ social life was not their main concern in the decision.

“It is really difficult to manage behavior, cleaning the cafeteria, food lines, time for eating, enough seats,” Coachman said. “It was a management thing.”

Some teachers didn’t mind the switch.

“I think that they did what was best for the students,” anatomy and physiology teacher Greg Christensen said.

For the administration, it is proving to be best for them too.

“I haven’t received feedback on whether or not it’s better,” Coachman said. “I know, visually, from our standpoint there’s more balance now, it’s easier to manage. I don’t know if students care or not, but teachers haven’t given me input, and the two teachers we have asked to change lunches were okay with it.”

Although teachers may not be against the move, the switch is affecting the lunch choices of some students.

“I really don’t like C lunch because there’s not as much food, if you’re not in the line right as C lunch starts you’re probably not going to get the best food, and maybe any food at all,” senior Caroline Bullard said.  “They typically run out of pasta really fast, and calzones and stuff like that.  In my opinion that’s probably the best food that we have so I don’t get any of that.  I mostly just bring my lunch nowadays because of that.”