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Andrew Hager

Andrew Hager, Photographer

Junior Andrew Hager enters his second year on The Red Ledger as a photographer. Hager enjoys spending time with his friends, photography and traveling. Hager picked up photography in early 2019, and enjoys taking and posting travel photos to his Instagram. His love for photography is more than just a hobby. His passion gave him opportunities to shoot family photos and weddings and engage in product photography. He’s the kind of person to discover a new Netflix show and finish it in one day. Hager is also known to stay up until four in the morning watching YouTube or playing Xbox. His favorite show is “Game of Thrones,” and his favorite food is Pizza Rolls. Hager looks forward to his second year on TRL staff.

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Sophomore Cambry Patrick got into the U17 national team, tore her ACL shortly after. Patrick is working hard to heal as fast as possible to get back to what she loves.

[Photo] Bump in the road

Calla Patino, Section Editor
March 1, 2022
Coach Ledford and Coach Cannon coach the high school football team together. They went to the same high school and were good friends.

[Photo] Playback

Calla Patino, Section Editor
December 10, 2021
Yearbook teacher Aaron Cappotelli went back to school to get his masters degree when he was working in radio. Cappotelli left radio after working in Los Angeles with Ryan Seacrest.

[Photo] Off air

October 21, 2021
Teresa Dollinger has been the student council teacher for the last seven years. At the end of this year, Dollinger will step down as student council adviser while maintaining her job as a biology and anatomy teacher.

[Photo] Moving forward

Audrey McCaffity, Staff Writer
April 29, 2021
Junior Brendan burner stands next to his white 1969 Mercury Cougar Convertible and his red 2013 Scion FR-S. He bought the Mercury Cougar from his grandfather and has been working to get the car back together and working again.

[Photo] Drive to modify

February 5, 2021
Senior Annie Laos wears her Baylor Scott and White uniform. Volunteering for her third year at Baylor Scott and White, she is eligible for the green cord of community service for doing more than 400 hours of community service.

[Photo] Medical journey

February 1, 2021
Junior Aidan Meek stands in full racing gear with his helmet. Meek plans to eventually buy his own racing car.

[Photo] Revving it up

Mathias Alling, Staff Writer
January 26, 2021
Freshman James Brunson was nominated and attended the Congress of Future Medical Leaders event. Brunson has received recognition certificates from Governor Abbott and Congressman Taylor. 

[Photo] Preparing for the future

Lily Bouldin, Staff Writer
December 10, 2020
A mom videos the performance from her lawn chair. There were QR codes placed around the courtyard for the performance.

Photo Gallery: Courtyard concert

Andrew Hager, Staff Photographer
October 23, 2020
Coach Jason Day holds a stick on the ice. The hockey team practices at the Starcenter in McKinney.

[Photo] Leopard Look: Jason Day

Will Doig, Staff Writer
September 29, 2020
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