Leopard Look: Makenzie Lang


Andrew Hager

Junior Mackenzie Lang works on her rocket design project for engineering. Lang juggles both cheer and engineering for the high school. “The reason I’m doing both is because it’s fun, challenging, and it’s two things that i’m passionate about doing in the future,” Lang said.

Junior Makenzie Lang is a cheerleader and aspiring engineer. She hopes to follow in her parents’ path and major in engineering after high school.

At A Glance:

Favorite meal: Shrimp scampi

Favorite song: “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” by Billy Joel

Favorite movie: “Cars”

Place you want to travel: Greece


Looking Deeper:

The Red Ledger: How do you balance out cheerleading and engineering? 

Mackenzie Lang: I balance out cheer and engineering through hard work and keeping a focused mindset. I do this because I love cheering with my friends, and I also love challenging myself by learning all about engineering. It’s also fun to have a balance of difficult education as well as supporting my school with my team.

TRL: What first sparked your interest in engineering, and do you see it in your future? 

ML: Both my parents are engineers, so that’s what got me interested because they’re my biggest role models. I also love math and science. Engineering encompasses both of those subjects. I definitely see engineering in my future because I’m very passionate about improving the world and it’s always fun to challenge myself in different ways through my engineering classes.

TRL: What is your favorite part about cheerleading? 

ML: My favorite part about cheer is the long-lasting connections I’ve made with my team. Since I just moved to Lovejoy last year, cheer really comforted me in moving. Now, I have great friends from Lovejoy because of it. I also love the team aspect of cheer, because it’s not an individual sport, so you have to count on everyone to do their jobs in order to have a good result when performing.

TRL: What do you hope to do after you graduate? 

ML: After I graduate, I hope to major in engineering in college and hopefully get my master’s in civil engineering. I hope to do this because I love how the engineering and STEM world is always improving and I hope to improve it even as an adult.

TRL: Who are your biggest supporters in cheerleading and engineering? 

ML: My biggest supporters in cheerleading and engineering are my parents. Both of them always want me to excel in everything I’m passionate about so they always provide me with the necessary tools I need in order to do what I love.

TRL: What has been your favorite memory in your days in high school? 

ML: My favorite memory in high school so far was competing at the UIL Spirit State Competition for cheer this year. This was my first year competing, and I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was something like I’ve never experienced before and I’m super excited to go back next year to hopefully bring back 1st place.

TRL: What would be your advice to the younger grades? 

ML: My advice to the younger grades would be to always pursue what you’re passionate about no matter the stereotype. Most people perceive cheerleaders and even girls as dumb and not cut out for things like STEM. I am proud to be the only girl in my aerospace engineering class because I am able to prove that any person can do whatever they want. I’d say to kids younger than me that as long as you have a positive attitude and truly work hard in what you do, no matter the stereotype, you can accomplish great goals.