Preparing for the future


Andrew Hager

Freshman James Brunson was nominated and attended the Congress of Future Medical Leaders event. Brunson has received recognition certificates from Governor Abbott and Congressman Taylor. 

Parents know best. This was the case for freshman James Brunson, who was nominated to attend The Congress of Future Medical leaders on Nov. 21 and 22.

“The Congress is for people who potentially want to go into the medical field in the future, and it is a two day event where speakers come and talk to you about what it is like to be in the medical field,” James said. 

James realized he wanted to go into the medical field a couple years ago, although his dad found this program for him. 

“I read about the congress and immediately thought that it would be the perfect program for James,” father, James Brunson Sr. said. “It is composed of like-minded, high-performing students who have an interest in becoming doctors or going into the medical field.” 

Before being considered for the event, one must go through an application process. This includes components that then lead to an evaluation.

“Within registration, you have to get nominations and letters of recommendations of people around you,” James said. “Based on your application and the strength of your recommendation letters, you can get accepted.” 

James chose his mom to write his letter of recommendation when applying for the congress. 

“The Congress of Future Medical Leaders has provided a perfect platform for [James] to both network with other high performing students across the nation and establish relationships with renown medical leaders, who are committed to supporting students as they work to reach their goal,” James’ mother, Tiffany Brunson said. 

The Future of Medical leaders event is an all day two day event. 

“[The event] started at 10 a.m. and finished around 8 or 9 p.m,” James said. “Over the course of the day, we would have seven or eight speakers that would come talk to us about their different experiences and stories about them in the medical field.” 

As James listened to the speakers over Zoom, rather than seeing them face-to-face in Boston, MA., one doctor in particular stood out; Jaime Hope. 

“[Her] words stuck with me,” James said. “She was talking about persistence and how necessary it is to believe in yourself and have faith.” 

The congress has aided James in his preparation for his future and will continue to do so. 

“James has become focused and driven since his induction into the congress, and this is preparing him to handle the rigor of college and medical school,” James Sr. said. 

James has received recognition certificates from Governor Abbott and Congressman Taylor. 

“I would attend this in future years,” James said. “I had a lot of fun, and [in person] I would have a lot more fun.”