Leopard Look: Brandon Jackson


Andrew Hager

Coach and teacher Brandon Jackson addresses a student in class. Jackson is new to the district this year, and is a business teacher, as well as one of the football coaches.

Brandon Jackson is a business teacher and football coach. This is his first year teaching in the district. He has prior teaching experience at Lone Star high School.

At a Glance:

Favorite color: Green

Favorite fast food: Chick-Fil-A

Favorite movie: Avengers

Looking Deeper:

The Red Ledger: What made you want to move to the district?

Brandon Jackson: I was looking to grow professionally.

TRL: Where did you go to college?

BJ: I went to college at the University of North Texas

TRL: How has your experience in the district been so far?

BJ: It has been great. The teachers, students and staff are great people to be around and work for. It is definitely a family-type atmosphere.

TRL: Do you like Zoom classes? Why?

BJ: I do not like Zoom although I do think it is a great tool to use to learn. I don’t like using it as the main source for learning. 

TRL: Do you have any prior teaching experience? Where?

BJ: I opened up Lone Star high school in 2010 and was there for 10 years before I came here. 

TRL: What is your favorite part about the high school?

BJ: My favorite part about LHS is the students and staff.

TRL: What is your favorite part about teaching?

BJ: Teaching business and marketing to students and relating it to current events.

TRL: How long did you know you wanted to teach?

BJ: When I was finished playing football in 2009, I knew I wanted to still be around the game and teach kids.

TRL: What has been the hardest thing to adjust to?

BJ: The hardest thing to adjust to was getting used to how things are done here at Lovejoy. I only knew one way for the past 10 years. 

TRL: What are your hopes for your classes this year and in future years?

BJ: I hope that my students will learn at least one thing they can teach someone else.