Orchestra holds socially distanced concert


Andrew Hager

Orchestra performed an outdoor concert for their families to showcase what they worked on this semester. They are led by orchestra directors Jennifer Vanhook and Mary Winkler.

Orchestra performed the first concert of the year yesterday following new guidelines to ensure the safety of members and the audience. Students have been preparing since the beginning of the school year and have been implementing safety protocols while being together.

“In the first three or so weeks [of school], when everyone was virtual, we met on zoom and worked on our pieces then,” senior Carrie Duke said. “It was challenging to learn the music this way, but I think our directors did a great job of facilitating the changes.”

During the performance, orchestra members practiced social distancing in the courtyard by using individual stands and wearing masks. Students also rehearsed outside in front of the audience to avoid close contact inside the school.

“Our fall concerts are usually outside in the courtyard which is why we could still do this one,” orchestra director Jennifer Vanhook said. “We had to spread out more, which makes it a little more difficult for the kids to hear each other, but we made it work.”

Learning online has presented challenges for the orchestra department, and they have adjusted to a new way of practicing and performing.

“While it has been difficult learning two pieces in a reduced amount of time and trying to put all of the parts together after only having practiced them individually for a while, I believe the directors, and other orchestra members have all adapted to the new normal created by the pandemic,” senior member Allie Johnson said. “I think we can only get better from here.”