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Nathalie Kroll
Although oftenly mistaken for a freshman, Nathalie Kroll is a senior at Lovejoy High School. Nathalie prefers the nickname G-Nat, but is okay with just being called G. The owner of a 15k follower tumblr blog, Nathalie is online famous. This does not do her any good in her personal life, however. Her tweet ‘Plants wearing Pants’ has over 2,000 retweets and has been stolen by many parody accounts. Nathalie is a pretentious music snob. If she wears a shirt with a band name on it, odds are, she cannot name five songs.

Due to her lack of athletic capabilities, Nathalie is participating in P.E. during her senior year. She is very upset about it. If you were to say something borderline inappropriate, Nathalie would be the first person to say, “That’s What She Said”. Because of this, she often gets reprimanded in the newspaper class for corrupting the younglings. Nathalie thinks that she’s hysterical, but most of the time, no one actually hears her. Or sees her. No one really pays attention to Nathalie. If Nathalie were to walk in a group of three down the sidewalk, she would awkwardly be left behind. In attept to help her friend with a Diet Coke addiction, Nathalie became addicted to Coke. Most of the shirts Nathalie wears, she has stolen from boys.  Nathalie cannot Skitz.

What Nathalie lacks in height she makes up for in no way at all. Nathalie accidentally befriended a rapper once. She also accidentally memorized all of his songs. On accident. When it comes to driving, Nathalie fulfills every negative stereotype towards female drivers. Nathalie has no college plans, she intends on ‘winging it’. If you were to ask Nathalie a basic math problem, she would stare blankly at you and simply ask, “huh?” Being from Sweden, Nathalie is an individual of few words that barely make sense. For more information please contact [email protected]


Nathalie Kroll, Staff Reporter/ Copy Editor

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