Making a splash at summer camp


Courtesy Photo

Hydrous wakeboard park in Allen will be holding summer camps over the summer for all ages.

Nathalie Kroll, Staff Reporter

For students looking to have a fun lake experience, but can’t make it to the lake, Hydrous Water park offers summer camps for students who want to wakeboard.

“One can sign up for camp at any time during the summer because camp will run all summer long until school starts in August,” Hydrous employee Meranda Harp said.

The camps offer an opportunity for students to learn how to wakeboard and have fun as well.

“We certainly only do wakeboarding,” Harp said. “Now we do exercises in the mornings to stretch out soreness and muscles and all that.”

For students interested in joining the camp, visit the Hydrous Wake Park website.

“Everything is registered online and you can sign up on our website which is on the top it will have some tabs and just click on ‘Camps & Parties’ and on there it will give you a link to where you can enroll your child,” Harp said.

The camp is open to all ages but is usually most popular with the younger set.

“We’ve had as young as five, but most of our age groups range from eight to fourteen,” Harp said.