Prom tickets on pre-sale


Jillian Sanders

As opposed to last year’s prom, this year’s prom will be at the Dallas World Aquarium. Prom tickets will be on pre sale for this week.

Nathalie Kroll, Staff Reporter

Homecoming is barely in the rear-view mirror, but next week students will be able to get prom tickets for $50 courtesy of a pre-sale October 20-24. It’s a chance for students to save money while also raising revenue for prom planning.

“[The presale is happening] because we are trying to generate some money,” campus bookkeeper Karin Wortham said.

This year’s prom will be held at Dallas World Aquarium on May 16 from 8 – 11 p.m. For some students it may seem early to buy tickets, but the pre-sale will provide a savings.

“We will be selling tickets in October for $50 a ticket and they will rise to $75 in the spring,” Wortham said.