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Continuing the sentence


While walking down the hall on April 16, many students may have been caught off guard by the amount of students with a semicolon on their wrists.  Taking part in the Semicolon Project, the day was designed to raise awareness for those with anxiety, depression, or even thoughts of suicide.

“I drew a semicolon on my wrist in order to symbolize that I’m the author of my own life; I’m in complete control of my life, I dictate it, and I have the ultimate choice in deciding how I want my story to play out,” junior Heloise Rytzell said.  “I’m not only doing this for myself, but everyone else out there who struggles with depression, self harm, unhappiness, a broken heart, anxiety, etc.”

The story behind the semicolon, is that in English literature, a semicolon is used where an author could have decided to end the sentence, but instead let the sentence run on. This is used as a metaphor for life, where one, who is the author of their own life, could have decided to end their own life, but instead decided to keep going.

“What I love about the Semicolon Project is that it has the potential to bring people, who wouldn’t normally talk, together,” junior Kassidy Cox said.  “So many people have been through things that not everyone knows about, and I applaud people who have semicolons on their wrists because that is so strong and honest of them.”

Although some students who do struggle with depression and anxiety had semicolons on their wrists, many students who don’t struggle a mood disorder supported the cause as well.

“Everybody has their own situations, and people need somebody to know that there’s somebody who always cares for them no matter what,” junior Ryan Block said, “I think it’s good for people to know that I’m always there for somebody, no matter who, and their situation.”

The students that took part in the Semicolon Project feel that it is important to show unity and to comfort those who do struggle with problems that would not otherwise be brought to light.

“It is a great way to show your support to others who are going through hard times in life, and it represents that you are ultimately in charge of your own life, so the sentence – life – doesn’t have to end where it should,” junior Allie Carrell said.  “So even if you feel like there’s no way out, you can extend your life story by extending the sentence.”

The Semicolon Project not only affects students on campus, but it is a nationwide project that is trying to bring to light the struggles many people, especially teenagers, face. April is both the Stress Awareness Month and Self Harm Awareness month, which can both be supported by an orange ribbon.

“I think that the project is a really amazing thing where you see that you’re not alone in the things that you may struggle with,” junior Jenna Reitinger said.  “By putting a semicolon on your wrist it is making a promise to yourself that it is okay to seek help and show that you’re a strong person.”

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  • AnonymousApr 19, 2013 at 9:43 am

    Am I the only one that thinks this is stupid!? If someone is really depressed, TALK TO THEM! Or get them help or something, anything but drawing a semicolon on your wrist! IT’S NOT GOING TO HELP THEM! If you really want to help the “Semicolon Project” donate some money or something. Just stop pretending your helping someone by drawing on your wrist.

    • AnonymousApr 22, 2013 at 2:56 pm

      I think the semicolon is more saying that they are open to talking to those who are having problems. People don’t always come out there with their problems so how would you know who to talk to. You can only hope that friends see you with it and seek out your help or come to talk to you.

      • AnonymousApr 23, 2013 at 8:56 am

        thats great but its not going to help people with problems when half the school is doing it (also I doubt any of them are qualified to talk with someone these kind of problems and probably don’t know what to do) , and honestly I’m questioning their sincerity, I’m sure there are some people who are just trying to help, but I bet a lot of people are doing it for selfish reasons.

        • AnonymousApr 23, 2013 at 2:57 pm

          and your right. most people are just band wagoning or what ever. But some are trying to help, and they arnt qualified, but most of the time these people just need someone to talk to. Most people are just looking for someone they can trust and talk to. Once they get talking it will be easier for them to seek professional help if they really need it.

  • AnonymousApr 17, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    amazing article! There needs to be more stuff out like this because it really is unifying and inspiring. good job(:

  • AnonymousApr 17, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    great article!