Sophomore break-dances his way into school spotlight

Nathalie Kroll


Jillian Sanders

Sophomore Kitrell Phillips debuted his dancing skills to the school for the first time at the powderpuff half-time show.

Nathalie Kroll, Staff Reporter

The Powder Puff game was meant to be one of the main attractions during the homecoming week, yet the halftime dance-off stole the show. Sophomore Kitrell Phillips, a veteran in Capoeira dancing, displayed his skills during the homecoming dance-off, leaving many students in awe, with countless Instagram videos and Vines.

“When I was eight years old, and I saw these guys doing these crazy cool things on the stage and I wanted to do that,” Phillips said. “And it just came naturally and since then, for the last eight years, I’ve just kept practicing.”

Many students were amazed at his dancing abilities, with Capoeira not being a kind of dancing the average student has heard of.

“I thought his dancing was incredible, it was really cool,” junior Taylor Kort said. “KP was my pal, and so I thought it was really cool to see him do something he loves and is really good at and showcase that for the school.”

Although his dancing comes naturally, Phillips spends a lot of his free time mastering his skills, striving every day to become a better dancer, on top of his hectic schedule balancing school, track, wrestling, football, and powerlifting.

“I practice everyday, when I get home, and before I go to bed, I just practice the basics,” Phillips said. “I take a class in Allen, called Capoeira Resistance, where I’ve learned martial arts and breakdancing.”

Although Capoeira is a dance students could pick up by joining a class, the majority of Phillip’s dance involves breakdancing and tricks such as the windmill and the headspin.

“Honestly, his dancing is really cool and its something I wish I knew how to do,” junior Paige Eberheart said, “Obviously, its something that takes a lot of skill and practice.”

Besides dancing just being a hobby, Phillips hopes to one day make use of his dancing skills.

“I want to start a club eventually, and teach kids the fundamentals of dancing,” Phillips said.  “Not just show off what I can do, but teach them how to do it too.”