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Rachel Jackson
Going on her second year of newspaper, Rachel is still a little bit confused on what she actually does here. Originally partaking in a journalism course purely for the technology credit, she’s decided to return for her senior year in order to bring her fellow classmates news on the Lovejoy campus. When she’s not feverishly typing away in the Newspaper room, you can find her running back and forth between the choir and theater room, attempting to juggle all of her extracurricular activities. She does not want you to get the wrong idea though. Even though she enjoys being involved in any and every activity brought to her attention, Rachel likes to consider herself as, overall, a pretty “chill” person. Passionate conversations over inconsequential music artists, comparing coffee shops, sarcastic banter, and a good night’s rest are just a few things Rachel tends to prioritize in life.

Rachel Jackson, Staff Reporter

May 23, 2016
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May 13, 2016
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Equality amongst the ages (Story)
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Leave people be (Story)
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Forewarn the friend crush (Story)
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Is the grade that great? (Story)
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Small talk for small minds (Story)
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