Twenty One out of ten


Rachel Jackson

Twenty One Pilots played at the House of Blues on Oct. 16 and did everything but crash and burn.

Rachel Jackson, Staff Reporter

Known for their energetic performances and jaw-dropping setlists, Twenty One Pilots did not disappoint their eager fans Thursday, October 16 at the House of Blues in downtown Dallas.

Though they were playing at a medium sized venue, 25-year-old singer (Tyler Joseph) had enough energy to pump up a football stadium of fans. He kicked off the evening with “Guns For Hands,” which was a perfect opener to excite the crowd. With each song he added a new twist, whether it was jumping off his piano, surprising the balcony seats with a quick visit, or performing whilst crowd surfing, he was determined to keep the audience engaged.

The drummer (Josh Dun) and Joseph kept the perfect balance of old albums as well as some of their newer pieces. They took the fans down memory lane by playing “Forest”, “Addict with a Pen”, “Kitchen Sink”, and “Fall Away”, erupting dozens of ear-splitting screams, all excited to reminisce in the band’s older years.

But it wasn’t just the musicality of the evening that made it so memorable, the special effects were also a hit. Showered by smoke and lit up by every color imaginable, the audience was mesmerized. The eccentric lighting and confetti cannons only added to the experience while both Joseph and Dun performed to the best of their abilities.

You can only imagine the disappointment as the night came to an end, Joseph claiming the closure of their short time here in Dallas, but as the two performers walked off the stage, their British robot (Nigel), the narrator of the evening, clued the audience in on a secret encore. After many minutes of deafening pleads the band came back onstage to surprise them with a few more songs.

The entire evening held a steady stamina, plenty of energy throughout the entire venue and never a dead moment, but the encore was when every member of the audience truly became entranced by the music. A cover of “Summertime Sadness”, an original “Trees”, and “Car Radio” not only united the audience one last time but revealed the confetti cannons and most exquisite lighting of the evening. Both Joseph and Dun were drenched in sweat by the end.

All in all, Twenty One Pilots is not a band to disappoint its fans. Their incredible showmanship, spirited performance, and passion amazed the audience from beginning to end, making it a worthwhile concert.