Ode to the vending machines


Rachel Jackson

After 4 years attending this school, senior Jordan Toomey has concluded that what she will miss most are the beloved vending machines.

Jordan Toomey, Staff Reporter

In the far corner of the school

You stand alone

But for the past four years

You’ve been my home


You always know just how

To cheer me up when I’m down

And you always, always manage
To make a smile from a frown


You’re always so giving

Always have what I need

And when school gets too stressful

You’re there for me


How do you do it?

You make me so glad

And those weeks you were away

I was so very sad


You’re better than friendships

A lot better than class

You always tame my anger

And tone down my sass


I graduate in three months

And the time is going so slow

But out of everything in our school

I will miss you the most


You’re always what I crave

No matter how bad the day goes

You seem to give me comfort

And a full feeling, I suppose


I guess, in the end

What I’m trying to say

Is please stick around

Please don’t go away  


You’re so fantastic

I would miss you too much

So this is to you, vending machines

I hope we stay in touch